Everything you need to create, launch, and grow your profitable online business.

In this live 8-week learning experience you'll get the guidance you need + a step-by-step system to use your teacher skills to create & sell products, grow & nurture a community, and run an online business from home — all while enjoying the freedom & flexibility that teachers crave.


Before I tell you about this program, let's make sure you're a good fit.

You are right for Teacher Biz Blueprint if you want to create an online business that allows you to make an income & an impact beyond the classroom.

Teacher Biz Blueprint is right for you if you're looking to use the teacher skills you already have to bring in an additional income source, or even replace your teacher income (like I have, several times over.)

If you are a teacher (educator or education support person) who...

  • Isn't feeling satisfied or fulfilled in the classroom and knows there's something more out there for you
  • Feels stuck in the job you went to school for & is ready to use your teacher skills in a different way
  • Wants to bring in a solid income for your family while still having time to spend with them
  • Wants to make a difference in the world that's centered on humans, not on test scores
  • Desires a pay-scale determined by YOU instead of your district
  • Would love a former teacher with experience to help you build a profitable business

You're in the right place!

Teacher Biz Blueprint will set you up for success with all the tools, guidance, inspiration, support & accountability you need to create & launch your profitable online teacher biz.

"Heather broke things down piece by piece to make the puzzle make sense.

She was a cheerleader and guide all the way through. She went above and beyond my expectations with the value she provided.

Working with her helped turn my indecision into action!"

- Kailan Carr, The Quiet Book Queen & Crafts In Between

Teacher Biz Blueprint will take you from someone with a business idea 👉 to someone with a business.

By the end of this experience, you will have...


Nailed Down Your Business Topic

based on your specific teacher skillset & the audience that's out there waiting for you (so the rest of your business decisions can just fall into place)


Created + Sold Your First Product

so that it's ready to go out into the world & start bringing the 💸 back to you as quickly as possible


Leveraged a Free Resource Strategy

that attracts your target customer & brings them into your corner of the internet


Learned to Grow + Nurture an Online Community

of your people who can't wait to soak in whatever you put out next and are waiting there with their wallets out for your next offer


Learned how to Craft + Sell Your Bigger Offer

that will serve your community at a deeper level, explode your revenue, and make it possible scale your business to new heights


Created a Teacher Biz of your own

that you can grow to rely on to be profitable & sustainable in a way that works around your life (instead of your life fitting in the margins around your work!)

But above all else...

Teacher Biz Blueprint will set you up for success from the start so you can confidently create an online business that brings you freedom & flexibility — with a lot less effort than it takes to run a classroom!

"Heather helped me to find my confidence to start my own teacher biz.

She answered my questions and was there for me every step of the way.

Heather is relatable and knowledgeable about how to start a teacher biz.

She’s already done it & she openly shares what works and what didn’t."

- Bridget Hauser, Middle School Classroom